I almost regret ever trying Sweet Cheeses! because no cheesecake can compare to the ones that come out of this bakery! From pistachio cherry to bananas foster, every creative cheesecake I’ve tried has been the perfect balance of flavors. Even the classic cheesecake is what every cheesecake wishes it could be — a smooth, creamy cake on a rich, crumbly crust with a tangy touch that pulls it all together. Cheesecake was once my go-to dessert, but Sweet Cheeses! has turned me into the pickiest cheesecake consumer. I almost regret ever trying it!
— Megan wyatt - Food and Drink Editor, The Daily Advertiser, Lafayette, LA
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I like my cheesecake to be full of flavor, but not make me feel like I’m getting diabetes after one bite. Sweet Cheeses!’ cheesecake pleasantly satisfies that craving all the while providing the guiltiest of pleasures. I took extras to my coworkers and we all anxiously await the soon coming subscription club.
— Andrew Branch - Singer Songwriter, Nashville, TN
All I can say is YUM. We ordered a blueberry/lemon cheesecake from Sweet Cheeses! Bakery and it did not disappoint. It was both light and full-bodied, with an amazing blend of the two fresh fruit flavors. Crust was perfect. Best of all, it was not cloyingly sweet (my problem with most cheesecakes). It actually tasted healthy!

I will definitely order again.
— Whit Hill - Founder of Nashville Song Salon, Nashville, TN