ABOUT Sweet Cheeses!

Sweet Cheeses! is a custom order cheesecake bakery located in Nashville, TN. It hit the ground running in the fall of 2017 and can accommodate any order, big or small.

My philosophy with Sweet Cheeses! is that life is too short to eat mediocre dessert.  Along my journey to attempt to create the world’s best cheesecake, I have encountered many people who claim cheesecake as their favorite dessert, but they don’t have a source for fresh and unique cheesecake!  This is where Sweet Cheeses! comes in! These divine cheesecakes are baked to order, so I guarantee their freshness every time.  Sweet Cheeses! offers over 50 varieties of cheesecake and I LOVE a special request!  As the owner and baker of Sweet Cheeses!, I take pride in providing amazing customer service and exceeding customers’ expectations!

The idea for Sweet Cheeses! began in 2012. I had been baking cheesecakes for years. It was, after all, my favorite dessert! I found that I could make a better cheesecake than any I could find in my city.  It became my staple contribution to parties and special occasions.  After enough prodding from friends and the people I shared my cheesecakes with, I acquiesced and agreed to try my hand at selling them.  I found my way to the local farmers’ market and quickly learned that cheesecake is a hot commodity – especially when it is creatively and uniquely prepared.  I love opening people’s eyes to the many unique flavors and forms that cheesecake can take.  And of course, I always love hearing people say it is the best cheesecake they have ever had!

Sweet Cheeses! has developed a cult-like following of cheesecake lovers that claim that no other cheesecake will do now that they have tried Sweet Cheeses! Food and Drink Editor, Megan Wyatt says “Sweet Cheeses! has turned me into the pickiest cheesecake consumer. I almost regret ever trying it!” Another Sweet Cheeses! follower raves “It was both light and full-bodied. Best of all it was not cloyingly sweet (my problem with most cheesecakes). I will definitely order again!” 

I invite you to become a follower of Sweet Cheeses! today!  You can get 15% off of your first order by becoming a member of our VIP Club via the link below!  You will also receive special deals from time to time.  Thanks for getting to know Sweet Cheeses! I look forward to serving you!


Fawn Larson
Owner / Head Baker at Sweet Cheeses!


Join the VIP Club and get 15% off of your first order!